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France Telecom has selected Hydrelis for its water management

Isques, October 10th, 2011. By contracting Hydrelis, France Telecom is confirming its commitment to the policy of actively managing water consumption, which was initiated in 2006. From an environmental as well as a financial aspect (an invisible leak can cost up to 30,000€ per year), active water management is an integral part of France Telecom's daily control systems. It became rapidly evident, that beyond internal processes, a fully controllable and configurable system was necessary.

Over the previous two years, France Telecom reduced their water consumption by over 30% in a test area. This was achieved by a detailed analysis of the sites that had the highest bills. The next step of this cost reduction project is the installation of water circuit breakers. France Telecom is seeking to implement technologies that will ensure that it doesn't lose the ground it has gained in the initial effort. In addition, the water circuit breakers safeguard against leaks that would easily be missed in a majority of its primarily remote sites, which would result in water damage.

Currently, the devices are being installed at remote sites that have don't have a permanent human presence in the Rhone-Alpes Auvergne region. Over the next several years, a full implementation across all of France is being considered.

Based on the concept of an electric circuit breaker, Hydrelis develops innovative solutions that allow companies to optimally manage their water consumption. Water is a vital and limited resource that is mostly overlooked on a daily basis in favour of energy resources. Water requires active management to minimise the risks and any incidents that arise. Leaks, overconsumption, waste and water damage are all too often ignored by companies despite being potentially very costly. Despite there being no correlation with drought and water shortages, the corporate sector is a vital market that must optimize their water management, since 80% of French corporations were affected by a water related incident (IFOP* Study “Les entreprises et l'eau: perceptions, comportement et gestion” – February 2011).

“For many years, France Telecom has implemented a strategy of sustainability and eco-citizenship. Waste management, eco-design, “water” and “carbon” footprint management are all foundations of our environmental policies within our regular operating procedures. In order to achieve greater results, we select partners such as Hydrelis that are able to assist us in resolving diverse environmental issues. Our desire to optimally manage our water needs as well as safeguard certain sites led us to Hydrelis, whose solutions afford us tangible returns on our water consumption as well as the active and preventative management associated with water usage. The related financial and water savings since the implementation have proven to be quite substantial, which have confirmed our desire to broadly apply this technology,” explains Pascal Debros from the Facilities Management division of France Telecom.

“Companies are faced with social and environmental issues such as the need to optimise their management of natural resources which cannot be ignored as they are an integral part of their economic development. With an anticipated shortage of 2 billion cubic meters to meet France's water needs by 2050, corporations must implement policies that reduce consumption and promote conservation. Working within this framework and by developing solutions that are flexible to different business formats, Hydrelis is facilitating the management of water, which is an exhaustible resource,” clarifies Hydrelis President Vincent Rigal.

*Methodology used for the Ifop survey

A sampling was taken of 502 business leaders that are representative of French companies that employ over 50 staff. In order to ensure that the sampling was representative a quota method was used (size and business sector) after stratification of the region. In order to ensure that the sampling was representative a quota method was used (gender, age, profession of interviewee) after stratification of the region by city category. The interviews were conducted by phone at the interviewees workplace between February 2 and 10, 2011.

The Ifop study can be viewed online at:


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